Infectious Diseases -- MobiReader Version for Pocket PC

A medical reference text with detailed step-by-step procedures, work-ups and treatments.
Infectious Diseases -- MobiReader Version

Version: 2006v2

Infectious Diseases -- MobiReader Version by: Pacific Primary Care, last updated: 12/06/2007

Requirements: Read by the iSilo Reader on any Pocket PC or Palm. Or FREE MobiPocket reader via

About Infectious Diseases -- MobiReader Version

Topics include: Travel/ Tropical medicine (evaluation, prevention and treatments), HIV/ AIDS, Parasites (worms, insects, food poisoning...), TB, Leprosy, Lymphadenopathy, Biological/ Chemical Weapons/ Terrorism agents, meningitis/ encephalitis, osteomyelitis, skin infections, fevers, sepsis, antibiotic use, common skin infections, tick bites, animal bites, wounds.........Features: Edited by a highly regarded Infectious Disease specialist.
This text contains numerous illustrations and is fully referenced.
Requires the MobiPocket Reader (FREE).
No other text on the market provides such a collection of succinct and clinically relevant material that can be accessed at the ?bedside?.
Note: similar texts selling for 5X as much, why pay paper prices for electronic texts!
Can be read on the desktop or laptop as well as any PDA. The free DEMO contains the basic layout with live links to each chapter and sublinks to 1-2 topics per chapter.

Infectious Disease Contents: Fever | Sepsis | Acute Phase Reactants | Bacteria | Antibiotics | Osteomyelitis | CNS | TB | Leprosy | Parasites & Insects | Zoonotic | Travel Medicine | *Viral* | HIV-AIDS | Hemorrhagic Fevers | Skin | Botulism | Wounds | STD’s | Lymphadenopathy | Disseminated Fungal | Bio-Chem-Nuke Weapons | PEP / Needlestick |
Fever: Links: Definition | Mechanisms | Benefits | ID EMERGENCIES | Hyperthermia | Types of Fevers | *FUO* | Drug Fevers | Fever and Rash | Acute Rheumatic Fever | Returned Traveler | Sepsis | Acute Phase Reactants | Nosocomial | ICU Fever | Cancer/ HIV | Neutropenic fever | Pediatric | Relative Brady / pulse-temp dissoc | Infection Control |
Common Bacteria: Links: Normal Flora | Grams Stain | Serology | Blood Cx | Bacteriology Report | G+ cocci (GPC) | S. pneumo | G+ aerobic bacilli | G- aerobic diplococci | G- aerobic coccobacilli | G- aerobic bacilli | Anaerobes | Defective Cell Wall | Infection Control | Acid Fast Stain | Wright Stain | Antibiotics | Acute Rheumatic Fever | Abx Resistance | Zoonotic | Skin | Clostridium sp | Endocarditis | VREF | VAREC | Chronic Staph Carrier | MRSA | VISA | Empiric Abx in Sepsis | Organisms Causing Diarrhea-like illness |
Parasitic Infections: Links: Nematodes | Trichinosis | Filarial | Trematodes | Cestode | Cysticercosis | Zoonotic Infections | Giardiasis | Ectoparasites | Insect Bites & Stings | Ticks | Rickettsial Diseases | Lyme Disease | Travel Medicine | Delusions of Parasitosis | Pinworms | Whipworms | Roundworms | Hookworm | Strongyloides (Threadworm) | Anisakiasis | Mixed | Trichinosis | Filarial | Schistosomiasis | Fasciolopsis | Paragonimus | Beef | Pork | Cysticercosis | Dwarf | Fish | Echinococcus | Protozoan (Toxo, Giardia, Amebic..) | Malaria |
Zoonotic Infections: Links: Brucellosis | Rat Bite Fever | Toxoplasmosis | Toxocariasis | Other Parasites | Giardiasis | Leishmaniasis | Leptospirosis | Trypanosomiasis | Other Intestinal Illness | Entamoeba histolytica | Tick Spread Zoonosis | Rickettsial Diseases | Ectoparasites in travelers | PV & Repellents | Rabies | Insect Bites | Hemorrhagic Fevers | Prions
Viral Infections: Links: HTLV & hMPV, Avian Flu and Other: SARS | EBV & CMV & Mononucleosis | Human Parvo B19 | Adenovirus | HIV and AIDS | HIV Meds | Various HIV Problems | AIDS- Chemoprevention | HSV | Herpes Zoster | Genital Warts | Arboviral & Hemorrhagic Fevers | Antivirals | Pediatric Exanthems | Hantavirus | West Nile Virus | Pediatric Fever & Infections | Fever & Rash Patterns | Prions | Smallpox | Monkeypox | Bronchiolitis (RSV) | Infection Control | Rabies | See GI Chapter for Enterovirus |
Arboviral and Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers (VHF): Links: Arboviruses & Paramyxoviridae and Others | VHF’s | Arenaviridae (S. American (New World) HF''s & LCMV) | Bunyaviridae (HFRS, Crimean Congo, Rift Valley, Hanta, Sandfly) | Hantavirus | Filoviridae (Marburg & Ebola) | Flaviviridae (Dengue, Yellow Fever, Omsk, Kyasanur, Japanese & Tick-borne Encephalitis) | Togaviridae | West Nile Virus | Encephalitis |
Skin Infections (Pyoderma): Links: Anti-Staph Abx | Eradication of Staph a | Hospitalization | Cellulitis | Erysipelas | Folliculitis / Pseudomonas | Majocchi’s | Furuncle / Boil / Abscess | Carbuncle | Impetigo | Ecthyma Gangrenosum | Erythrasma | Hidradenitis Suppurativa | Trichomycosis Axillaris | Toxic Shock | Waterborne Bacteria | Rare Skin Infections | Flesh Eating | Necrotizing Infections | Clostridium Infections | Tetanus | Wound Care | Fungi & Other Common | Bite Wounds | HSV | Herpes Zoster | Genital Warts. This text was last updated on 10 June 2007

Infectious Diseases -- MobiReader Version, compatible Devices

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